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To be able to move through protected ecosystems, where motor navigation is forbidden, to stimulate a tourism and commerical sector, which has long been at a standstill in terms of innovation and development, and to promote a new, additional kind of eco-friendly tourism, these are just some of the propellers that have started this ambitious project.

The main goal is to transform a passive group of boats docked at a pier, into an active self-sustaining crusing range: founded in 2010 by Alberto Pozzo and Alessio Zanolli, GardaSolar is a young, dynamic company operating in the nautical sector which builds and sells a zero environmental impact watercraft: the GOGO.


We prefer to take care of all details personally: from the concept to implementation, through to production. We aim to improve our products constantly, making them more efficient, performing and technological. GardaSolar arises from our technical and engineering expertise in the field of environmentally sustainable mobility, and we strive to develop this project more and more each day.


Eco-friendly electric boats

The Gardasolar philosophy constantly steers the company towards choices that reduce the environmental impact of the production process and towards the ever-growing possibility of product recycling.

Simple and enjoyable boat

The navigation experience with a GardaSolar craft can be summed up in three words: simple and enjoyable. You will be amazed by the silence of the electric motor and the ease of steering using the innovative joystick.

Long-lasting solidity

The special design of the structure and the careful choice of materials ensure solid and robust GardaSolar crafts. This translates into stability during navigation and reduction in maintenance costs.



Our production facility is located in Rovereto, and this is where our ideas take shape and come to life: we produce our products with patience and expertise, choosing materials featuring cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology. Over the years, a strong balance has been established among our staff, which allows us to be strong and competitive in the market.


Alberto Pozzo, Alessio Zanolli - Founders

Alberto Pozzo, born 1978, an aerospace engineer who knows all the secrets of renewable energy, takes care of the technical part of the project. Alessio Zanolli, born 1980, is an experienced freelance professional who takes care of the business side.


Davide Tagliapietra - Designer

An aerospace engineer, who has taken part as a designer in three editions of the Americas Cup. In 2007 with his partner Doug he founded Schickler Tagliapietra Yacht Engineering which deals with the development of projects with high technological content and innovation in the nautical field.


Michele Signorini - Tech Area

From Palermo, he studied Aerospace Engineering in Palermo and Naval Engineering in Poland, specializing in CFD analysis. Member of the +39 Americas Cup design team he is now in charge of CFD analysis for a leading world group in the pleasure craft field.


Stefano Boscardin - Motors

Since 1999 he has been designing and building in the field of permanent magnet motors. In 2010 he founded PROMO srl to develop 'state of the art' motors with the aim of obtaining maximum efficiency especially in applications on electric vehicles. GardaSolar's technological partner for the propulsion branch.


Battilani Giancarlo - Gardenergy and CamperBoat

Owner of the company Gardenergy that manufactures electric outboard motors for pleasure craft and working boats. A person ahead of his time, he works with GardaSolar on all sustainable mobility projects, especially in the camper boat and houseboat areas.


Christian Perdonà - Relationship manager

In 1986 he was a 22 year old creative who decided to invest all his savings in a seminar held by Mario Silvano, acknowledged as the greatest italian sales guru. Since then he has enjoyed seeing his clients purchase the ideas he proposes in order to sell more and better, to experience first-hand their daily problems and needs, to share with them the efforts and joys of each business success.


Morris Salvetti - eBikes

He has always been in the biking world and for GardaSolar he is in charge of touring bikes and pedal-assisted e-bikes.


Massimo De Luca - CFD Analysis

Palermitano, studia Ingegneria Aerospaziale a Palermo e Ingegneria Navale in Polonia, specializzandosi in analisi CFD. Componente del team progettuale di +39 in Coppa America, oggi è responsabile delle analisi CFD per un importante gruppo mondiale della nautica da diporto.


Giorgia Conca, Sergio Malu - GOGO WAKE

Giorgia for years passionately enthusiasm and professionalism promotes male wakeboarding but especially the women's movement, of which he is leader and supporter. Top athlete and especially RIDER. Sergio in 2006 creates Wakeland Wakeboard Club and in 2011 with Giorgia opens WSP Wakeland System Park. Creates a winning team also as expert team leader and especially COACH.


Claudio Moratti - Software

A young software genius, he is responsible for the development of the product management system, apps and GardaSolar customer service.


Luca Panizzo - Legal field

Born in 1978 he graduated in law at Trento university with his degree thesis on sports law. After a post-graduate specialization in sports law he is now a lawyer specialized in business-sporting contracts.


Gustavo Gioco e Paolo Ferrari - Experts in photovoltaic technology

Owners of GiocoSolutions they work alongside GardaSolar, motivated by a great passion for the world around them, based on their knowledge of a universe made of technology, rules, ideals, technical expertise, multi-year experience and specialist know-how. Giocosolutions has developed, patented, industrialized and is manufacturing the latest generation of flexible photovoltaic panels.


Andrea Giuriato - Mac Engineering

Specialized in the design and production of inverters intended for use in the field of electric drive in all its forms, he works alongside Gardasolar to develop high efficiency systems for marine propulsion.