GOGO electric boats sold in Pirate Cove

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The UK pirates will use electric boats GOGO.

From June you can find our electric boats in Pirate cove Adventure Park at Bluewater Shopping Centre.

GOGO electric boats leap to the armpit of a new incredible adventure: seeking recruits for our crew in Bluewater Shopping Centre!


After met at the Holidays and Parks Show in Birmingham, in November 2016, we start this fantastic new cooperation with Mr Scott Sinclair the owner of the Adventure Park.

Mr Scott was looking for something different to offer in Pirate Cove, so he decided to replace some pedalos and buy 4 GOGO electric boats.

He wants, in this way, to increase the rental offer, and provide a more complete, efficient and forward-looking service for every customer.

To learn more about Pirate Cove, you can visit:


GOGO electric boats

GardaSolar is producing, in these weeks, a fleet of  GOGO-4 that can be ready for your fun the first week of June.

You’ll can find them outside the Bluewater Shopping Centre at the lake close to Mini Golf Adventure Park.

We are sure that you can only fall in love with this awesome relationship by this fantastic place and  our electric boat.

Pirate Cove

Soon you can rent GOGO! the boats that are environmentally!

Pass it GardaSolar U.K. there!

Stay tuned on: http://www.gardasolar.com/