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GardaSolar broadens its line of electric boats.

GardaSolar presented GOGO 6 at the Holiday Park Show in Birmingham in November 2016,

GardaSolar is a world leader in the development and production of solar electric powered boats for  goes into production with GOGO 6 the new six-seater electric powered boat.

Born of the development of the 4 seater model, GOGO 6 is designed to complete the range and meet the market demand for boats with more seats in the sector of leisure electric boats.

GOGO 6 allows to have 2 more seat than GOGO 4. GOGO 6 has 3 comfortable padded seats on the left and 3 seats on the right, to guarantee a social approach on board, while respecting the environment.

Stability and navigational agility are confirmed by the trimaran hull, strong of the success on the GOGO 4 model and thanks to the ergonomic deck the living space has been improved.

From now on even larger groups can enjoy a tour aboard a GOGO 6!

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Enjoy the photos in preview!