Minisafari Adventure!

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Minisafari adventure is coming to Italy

GardaSolar is distributor for Minisafari World in Italy!

It fits perfectly into all tourist and accommodation facilities, requires little space, little investment and offers a unique, profitable and safe attraction!


Minisafari is the first attraction with electric off-road vehicles for children from 5 to 14 years!

Consequently by driving replicas of Jeep and Land Rover, children experience the thrill of driving their vehicle!

All Mini jeeps are designed for intensive use of a rental.

They are incredibly durable and a battery charge lasts for a full day of hire!


We are able to offer a complete graphic customization, for example the insertion of a company logo or of the sponsors, to the study of themes suitable for the final use destination.

Minisafari attraction can be supplied with a dedicated garage for storage and recharging.

The study of a suitable path, set design and educational material for example you can create a unique and themed for your company.

GardaSolar offers full support in the design, installation and promotion of your attraction!

Once installed and running, our support team is available to provide support and maintenance, come and visit us:

Minisafari is the best attraction for families and children and surely for your business!