gogopedalboat new 2018 presented in Birmingham!

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Here is the novelty for 2018! the gogopedalboat!come and visit: http://www.holidayparkshow.co.uk/exhibitors/gardasolar-srl/




During the Holiday and park Innovation show, GardaSolar presented the new GOGO pedal.

The new GOGOpedalboat has received a lot of media interest come and visit our website!

As a result is having a commercial success! The result is that we have already received orders for the 2018 season!

The new model will be available in 3 versions:
Classic  pedal version with muscular traction, GOGO pedal.
Electric boat version with electric outboard motor, GOGO5.
And in the innovative pedal-assisted version, GOGO pedal-e.

We transferred the GOGO boat’s successful concepts to GOGO pedal boats, for example the characteristic seating that allows you to look at yourself and give the feeling of being in a floating lounge!




In addition GardaSolar, has brought to the fair the famous GOGO6 electric boat.

Come and visit: http://www.gardasolar.com/site/sales.php

GOGO4 Crab

GardaSolar expands its network of contacts and customers in the UK.

After the great success at the Center Parcs, come and visit: https://www.centerparcs.com/gb-en

And the same succes at the Pirate Cove, come and visit: http://www.piratecove.co.uk/

At the Show GardaSolar expands its network of contacts and customers in the United Kindom.

In conclusion, it was a great opportunity to confront us with other realities, build new collaborations and meet new customers!

Come and visit us: http://www.gardasolar.com/