GOGO News – Multihulls Magazine and France!

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Gardasolar La Perle

Multihulls love solar and electric boat: in recent months there have been a lot of news for GOGO Boat, so we decided to tell you about. Our goal is to promote the spread of our solar boat around the world and reach those places that can benefit from using sustainable energy.

We are on no.145 Multihulls Magazine! Here is the post:

“Gogo is a brand new electro-solar boat with can accomodate up to four adults for an outing lasting a few hours, and is controlled very simply with a joystick. Built in Italy, Gogo is particularly suited to charter companies, as well as Hotel complexes and all those who welcome the public in sheltered waters. Navigation is of course perfectly silent, and the Gogo can be customized and even equipped with solar panels for a better range.”


One more news: the GOGO Boat lands in France! Near the picturesque lake Gérdamer, surrounded by mountains and forests, each tourist can make excursions on the GOGO Boat. La Perle establishment recommends you  a picnic aboard GOGO or an happy hour.