#electric boats GOGO production has already started at GardaSolar

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January started strong for the GOGO #electric boats

2018 got off to a great start for the GardaSolar #electric boats.

We know that the month of December for many is an opportunity to make budgets and plan activities for the following year.

GOGO #electric boats

And the accounts if they are well done the customers of GardaSolar that December have already ordered the GOGO for the next season.

Come and visit us and our news on: http://gardasolar.com/blog/new-gogo-6/

To receive them before Easter and make the most of the ordinal season you too now!

The GOGO boats by GardaSolar, have an innovative and nice design, are silent, comfortable and relaxing.

With customizable colors and graphics they stimulate the curiosity of those who see them and intrigued to try them, come and visit us on our headquarters in Rovereto.


In other words, they are the tool to offer a new and innovative service to your customers and ideal for developing your business and increasing your business.

If you want to receive the GOGOs in April too for the beginning of the season, request a quote immediately, come and contact us: http://www.gardasolar.com