GOGO electric boats finally at Pirate Cove!

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Ahoy! GOGO electric boats stand by to board!

After weeks of hard work GOGO electric boats was ready to cross the English Channel.



Here we goooooooooooooooooooo!

On June 16th our fleet was finally  ready to entertain both young and old people.

GOGO electric boats




Great adventures are waiting for you: waterfalls, giant octopus, a wonderful sailing ship with pirates and skeletal prisoners.

GOGO at pirate cove

Don’t be afraid, my friends, GOGO electric boats are safe and ready to win against all.

Nobody can strike you because our boats  are silent and nobody can hear you coming; solid and reliable, consequently you can be unbeatable.


If you still don’t kwow, you can find us outside of Bluewater Shopping Centre,  at the lake close to Mini Golf Adventure Park.



What are you waiting for?

Come to visit us! You can both relax and enjoy  yourself, and to have fun for your children in a protect area in a safe boat.

Everybody can use them without problems because it’s very easy and confortable.

Then, if you like the experience, you can send to Pirate Cove or attach comments below with your beautiful pics!


Stay tuned on: http://www.gardasolar.com/