Electric boat “GOGO” to Portugal… Por que não?

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GOGO Electric boat lands in Portugal.

Can you believe us, friends? Finally our electric boat arrives to Iberian Peninsula.

2018 begins with a new collaboration: Angelpilot is the leitmotif of our winter.



We met each other at the Dusseldorf Show few years ago, when we was there with our first electric boat but the time wasn’t still right; but at the end of December they contact us for a collaboration and we was glad to say “Yes”!

But, who are them?

Angelpilot is an official dealer and charterer of: boats, jet ski and motorcicles.

Visit their website on:



They are a good opportunity for our electric boat because they offer a wide range of vehicles for everyone, and above all for young customers.

Soon you can find also our GOGO if you search to rent a boat on:


So, what are you waiting for?

Change the destination, but the good abits remain!

Book you holidays to Portugal, and rent your  boat for a day of relax or for fun with your friends!

You can find every information about Angelpilot Group: divided into Angel Pilot, Porti Nauta and ProRent by Angel Pilot, writing to: info@angelpilot.com