GardaSolar GOGO electric boat lands in Holland!

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Oliver and Alessio on board GOGO6

Gardasolar expand electric boat market in Benelux!

Great news for GardaSolar!
This 2017 starts great with a new collaboration to expand the GOGO electric boat  in the Europe market.

Exactly will be covered the following countries: Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Alberto and Alessio have signed an agreement with Oliver Lintott owner the Miniport World company.

Miniport World is a producer of mini electric boats replica of the great ships, perfect for children and their parents.
Miniport with this agreement will be the distributor for GardaSolar the GOGO electric boat for Benelux area that includes Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Miniport at headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a strategic position to promote GOGO in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and to follow customers in the sale and after sale.


Also Benelux area is full of parks for the holidays with lakes and canals, where people rent electric boats.

Soon you can also rent GOGO solar eletrical powered boats!

Pass it GardaSolar Benelux there!