#Electric boats GOGO on Lake Molveno

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There are four of them and they are called GOGO, the #electric boats Made in Italy.

GOGO! the #electric boats that run through the waters of the lake with zero emissions that love the environment. come and visit http://www.gardasolar.com

The boats were bought by the Molveno tourist increase company in the province of Trento. come and read our blog http://gardasolar.com/blog/le-gogo-boats-al-lago-di-molveno/

And tourists, what do they think?

A novelty that appeals: “We have been around for years, says a couple of Dutch tourists.

A Lombard family is fascinated by these boats: “We were immediately intrigued to understand how they work.
And after taking a ride with our children, we think that soon we will return!

An elderly German tourist, says that now the future is this: hybrid vehicles, bicycles with pedal assistance and electric boats.

Conseguentely, people have finally realized that, thanks to new technologies, you can have fun without hurting nature, and it’s great to sail with these silent boats, enjoying a fairytale landscape!

Personally I was sure that these boats would have aroused great interest among tourists.

However, seeing queue all day at the box office to book a round in GOGO for us is a confirmation of having invested in the right.

The fact of being able to customize them with colors and graphics of the animals that live in the surrounding habitat (swans, squirrels, fawns and fish), inserts even more GOGO in the natural environment of the lake, says the president.

We can affirm with certainty that the GOGO electric boats are a real communication marketing tool with which to build an eco-sustainable and profitable business.

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