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GOGO electric boats finally at Pirate Cove!

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Ahoy! GOGO electric boats stand by to board! After weeks of hard work GOGO electric boats was ready to cross the English Channel. Here we goooooooooooooooooooo! On June 16th our fleet was finally  ready to entertain both young and old people. Ahrrr! Great adventures are waiting for you: waterfalls, giant octopus, a wonderful sailing ship with pirates and skeletal prisoners. Don’t be afraid, my friends, GOGO electric boats are safe and ready to win against all. Nobody can strike you because our boats  are silent and nobody…read more

GOGO electric boat by GardaSolar France!

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  GOGO electric boat by GardaSolar France! New news for GardaSolar electric boat! Another great news with a new collaboration to expand the GOGO electric boat in the Europe market, exactly in France. In this days there was a meeting on Lake of Garda between GardaSolar and Mr. Edouard Gegout (La Perle Owner) where we place the foundation to expand the GOGO electric boat in France with GardaSolar France! La Perle is a boat and pedal boat rental company since 1911 which is located on Lake Gerardmer in France, more…read more

GardaSolar GOGO electric boat lands in Holland!

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Gardasolar expand electric boat market in Benelux! Great news for GardaSolar! This 2017 starts great with a new collaboration to expand the GOGO electric boat  in the Europe market. Exactly will be covered the following countries: Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. Alberto and Alessio have signed an agreement with Oliver Lintott owner the Miniport World company. Miniport World is a producer of mini electric boats replica of the great ships, perfect for children and their parents. Miniport with this agreement will be the distributor for GardaSolar the GOGO electric boat for Benelux…read more


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GardaSolar broadens its line of electric boats. GardaSolar presented GOGO 6 at the Holiday Park Show in Birmingham in November 2016, GardaSolar is a world leader in the development and production of solar electric powered boats for  goes into production with GOGO 6 the new six-seater electric powered boat. Born of the development of the 4 seater model, GOGO 6 is designed to complete the range and meet the market demand for boats with more seats in the sector of leisure electric boats. GOGO 6 allows to have 2 more…read more